Arabic for architects

Each area of expertise has its own specialized language, so on this occasion we will focus on the specific Arabic vocabulary for architects. The course of technical Arabic for architects is framed in a context in which many professionals of the architecture are forced to work out of their country, and it is necessary for them to have an in-depth knowledge of the specific technical vocabulary of this discipline to be able to present their projects.

Specialised Arabic -

Architecture is one of the most valued professions in the field of construction and design in the world today. Architects are responsible for making spaces pleasant and functional, as well as safe. If you are an architect and want to learn Arabic to work in your profession anywhere in the world, then speak to us and we will put you on the path to knowledge of this discipline. 

Studying Arabic online

If you want to learn Arabic without neglecting your work responsibilities, presents you with the option of studying Arabic online and improving your level in a practical, simple and entertaining way. Our course has different levels, which will allow you to consistently advance your language skills. You can study Arabic at any time and from anywhere.

Without a doubt, your curriculum and work experience will open up opportunities in different areas of architecture, both in your home country and internationally. Thanks to your knowledge of Arabic, you will be able to access opportunities in any country in the world, both on a work and academic level. An architect needs to communicate properly both to know the requirements of a project, as well as to explain their options and points of view in a design project anywhere in the world. In this sense, if you want to work as an architect you will need to be familiar with all the technical terms of your profession, including materials, colors, proportions and styles. 

The general objectives of this Arabic for Architecture and Construction course

  • To be familiar with the most used technical vocabulary in architecture and construction.
  • Learning to construct commonly used phrases from technical vocabulary.
  • Auditory understanding by listening to conversations about real situations in architecture and building.
  • Reinforcing the learning of technical vocabulary through review exercises, videos and access to a glossary of technical terms.
  • Knowing communication strategies in international working groups.
  • Aimed at professionals and technicians in the architecture and building sector who wish to acquire or strengthen their knowledge of technical Arabic in the field of construction.
  • Acquiring practical skills for preparing technical documents in Arabic.
  • Talking to customers, suppliers, or associates.
  • Reading regulations and legislation, as well as specialized magazines and books.
  • Writing emails, proposals or reports.
  • Attending and participating in conferences.
  • Making presentations.

How does this work?

  1. We evaluate your level and that of your colleagues in the event that you are interested in language classes for groups of people in companies.
  2. We are adaptable: you can choose to take the classes online or in your office.
  3. We will select the most suitable native speaker for your current needs and guide you at all times.
  4. Theory+Practice.txt. We will evaluate the situation you are in and provide you with the necessary skills through readings, videos and analyses to be able to move on to the more enjoyable part, the practice.
  5. Follow-up. You will be able to continue using our native speaking professional for as many times as you need – from now on they become your Partner.txt

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