We prepare your documents so that your design is the right one for you.

Layout and document management services offers final editing and layout and document management for texts targeted at the advertising sector, and adaptation according to the characteristics of the language. The main characteristic of desktop publishing, when working with multilingual projects, is that in addition to the peculiarities of languages with other alphabets than Latin, the translations make the layout of the text blocks, the reading with respect to the graphic elements and the way the public reads, with it being necessary to adapt and refine each medium before producing a final document. In addition to taking into account the amount of graphics or images that may appear in this type of document.

Desktop Publishing

We work with the most important design programs, such as InDesign, and we ensure that the PDFs of your translation are not far from the format of the original PDF. Therefore, if the document you want to translate is not of sufficient quality to be extracted into an editable format, you can leave it in the hands of our professional layout artists so that, once extracted and prepared, we can work on it.

What do we offer?

In advertising material

In magazines and newspapers

In reports, balance sheets and documentation

In commercial presentations, brochures and leaflets