We have proofreaders and reviewers with extensive professional experience.


We ensure that the final document is a faithful and accurate translation of the original. To do this, we study each document received and evaluate whether the proofreading consists of:

  • The proofreading of a translation with which you have not been satisfied.
  • The proofreading of a document in which changes have been made.

Proofreaders are specialized translators whose task is to check the quality of the translations. They correct the style and possible typos and errors, comparing the translation sentence by sentence with the original to check for omissions and false meanings. Proofreading is very meticulous work, which is done, which is done so that no detail is missed.


The aim of this is to solve any errors that may arise, and to carry out a grammatical, orthotypographical and stylistic correction in order to guarantee the fluidity of the document. At Fast.txt we want your documents to be error-free, so you can choose between these two types of correction:

  • Orthographic correction: we cover all spelling and grammatical errors, as well as the proper use of typography, quotation marks and other elements that give shape to the text, always taking into account the rules of the Royal Spanish Academy. We also take care of correcting the use of italics, bold, figure writing, etc., as well as the font. All matters relating to spelling and typographical errors of all kinds.
  • Proofreading: the aim is to remove any confusing elements that make the text difficult to understand. Therefore, the text is improved through the elimination synonyms, repetitions and clichés being eliminated and the correct terms are chosen. The repetitions, and clichés and the correct terms are. The proofreader checks that all the ideas are properly expressed, eliminating ambiguities and finally giving coherence and cohesion to the text.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us