Language is not a barrier to your professional activity.

Comprehensive translation services

At we offer comprehensive translation services. We have a large team of project managers, translators, proofreaders and typesetters. We employ strict quality and efficiency procedures that guarantee the highest quality in our clients’ translation projects in a very efficient way and within strict deadlines. In addition, we have proven experience in specialised translations for various professional disciplines. Day by day, we work with the main European languages as well as with all those from Eastern European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. And, of course, we do translations from the different languages of Spain. 

Our professionals are highly experienced and specialised by fields of work and language combinations. To do this, we carry out half-yearly evaluations of all our collaborators with the aim of keeping them up to date in all sectors of activity on a terminological, grammatical and stylistic level

We strictly respect the delivery dates agreed with the client and maintain absolute confidentiality with the documentation received from the client throughout and after the work process. If the client considers it necessary, confidentiality agreements can be signed. 

Below, we detail the protocol of action that we carry out in each project:

1. You will receive a quote within a few minutes

Send us an email with the document you are interested in translating and tell us what language you want it translated into. Our project manager will evaluate the document and prepare it for the next step.

2. Team of professional native speaking translators

The document will be translated by the specialist with the most years of experience in the sector that the document requires. Therefore, as soon as the document is in their hands, they will be sufficiently prepared because they will know the terminology perfectly.

3. Team of native speaking professional proofreaders

Once the document has been translated, we start the proofreading process, which is always carried out by a person totally unconnected with the translation process, since it is advisable for us to take into account the proofreaders opinion in order to have a 100% objective review.

4. Delivery of your translation within the agreed time and with the highest quality

Delivery of your translation within the agreed time frame and with the highest quality. At FAST.txt we strictly comply with the deadlines previously agreed with our customers, and we guarantee quality in each of our projects, as every project is unique.

Our rates include Translation + Proofreading  | Customized management and guaranteed deadlines

Our main set of skills focus on:


College degrees, court records, academic qualifications, birth certificates, etc.


Medicinal prospects, drug advertisements, posters, food labelling, etc.


Contracts, liquidations, wills, judicial and extrajudicial documents, public deeds, etc.


Health pamphlets, clinical case reports, clinical trials, biomedical patents, medical-legal texts, etc.


Tourist guides, catalogues, hotel websites, advertising for congresses, conferences, seminars, etc.


Film scripts, documentary scripts, TV show scripts, etc.


Novels, articles, books of poetry, biographies, columns, reviews, books, etc.


Annual accounts, tax documents, auditing reports, balance sheets, etc.


Websites, social network publications, blogs, etc.


Translation of advertising and marketing campaigns and activities, of social network contents, etc.


Research articles, manuscripts, university texts, instruction manuals, etc.


Collection catalogues, garment labels, product descriptions, etc.


Any document related to sports, promotions for sports supplements, sports nutrition, etc.


Menus, brochures, restaurant reviews, gastronomy articles, etc.


Cosmetic product instructions, information material, patents, brochures, newsletters, etc.


Articles, editorials, reviews, advertisements, announcements, etc.


User manuals, data sheets, specifications, instructions for use, tenders, patents, etc.