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Professional interpretation services

At we offer professional interpretation services. We have a team of interpreters who are able to fully satisfy your needs for events, multilingual conferences, meetings, face-to-face and online training courses, bilateral meetings, travel guides and any type of meeting that requires a conversation linked to a foreign language. Our network of interpreters is available to provide services both in Spain and the rest of the world. Our objective is to always accompany our clients and meet their expectations in any requirement in the sector.

Our interpreters cover all necessary language combinations, from English to Spanish, French to Spanish, Spanish to German, etc. All our interpreters are fluent in the two languages they will be interpreting into during the event and, in addition, they prepare their work beforehand, which requires research work prior to the event to guarantee the quality of the service and, consequently, the final result. We always ask our clients for previous documentation related to the event so that our interpreter can acquire all the necessary knowledge and be prepared to successfully perform the interpretation.

Our experience tells us that every event must have a specialized team. We have experience in the coordination of large international events that can be highly challenging.

Types of Interpretations:

This consists of the reworking of the speaker’s address by means of note-taking by the interpreter. In these cases, the interpreter is always next to the speaker and facing the audience. This method is usually used in courses, lectures, book presentations, conferences, inaugurations, etc.

This consists of the interpretation of the address in real time. This type of interpretation requires soundproof booths, microphone and headphones. This type of interpreting is usually used at congresses, seminars, shareholders’ meetings, etc.

This is a particularly specialized branch of interpreting that requires special training, a lot of experience, high levels of competence and often certificates from the relevant country in order to practice it professionally.

This consists of an interpreter who serves as an intermediary between more than one person, i.e. the interpreter translates for several speakers or participants. This type of interpreting is usually used on trade missions, tourist excursions, visits to factories and installations, etc.