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In order to help our clients achieve their business goals through creative solutions and services, we adapt their texts in different languages for commercial presentations, for printing or internal use, in specific design programs (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, AutoCAD, QuarkXPress, etc.), as well as in Word or Power Point.

Multilingual projects offers final editing and layout for texts targeted at the advertising sector, and adaptation according to the characteristics of the language. The main characteristic of desktop publishing, when working with multilingual projects, is that in addition to the peculiarities of languages with other alphabets than Latin, the translations make the layout of the text blocks, the reading with respect to the graphic elements and the way the public reads, with it being necessary to adapt and refine each medium before producing a final document. In addition to taking into account the amount of graphics or images that may appear in this type of document. 

Each of these supports needs a different treatment of the texts and an appropriate selection of colors, photographs and tables, without forgetting, of course, the correct choice of font and font size. These are, in short, all the graphic elements that will contribute to improving the quality of the final document.

Commercial presentations

Commercial presentations documentation

When companies move into digital environments or translate their advertising documentation, they need a good layout that focuses on their specific documentation. This whole process is carried out by our department of layout and document managers who provide their extensive knowledge and professional experience so that the translated texts are adapted to the environments in which they will be shown.

Some people believe that knowing how to use InDesign enables them to do a professional layout. This is not the case. InDesign is just a tool. In this case, the most important tool is knowledge in the creation, design and production of publications. 

On the contrary, an unprofessional layout is quickly evident in one form or another. For those of us who work in the publishing of advertising material, after observing a publication it is easy to identify why its layout is bad. The unskilled reader also notices «something strange» or «something disturbing». They realize that there is something that makes reading difficult. Even if they do not know what the element or factor is that is bothering them, the reader recognizes that something unusual is happening in those pages.

Ergonomics in editing commercial presentations

We design and do the layout content for books and magazines, web environments, advertising material, multimedia presentations and corporate documents, but if you need a layout service in another medium, you can consult us, without any commitment.

For specialized document management in the advertising sector, works with specific translation software tools that serve to maintain terminological consistency per project, guaranteeing quality translations that are faithful to the original document. For this purpose, translators work with CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools that allow the creation and application of glossaries, translation memories and all types of terminology databases that guarantee a proper consistency in all texts.

Thanks to these tools, incorporates the memories and glossaries that each client has previously developed, to continue with the same terminological consistency, and updates and develops the memories during each translation project, offering its clients the delivery of the same memories at the end of the project.

What’s the procedure?

  1. Analysis of the document
  2. Current layout
  3. Production of the document with the new layout
  4. Delivery

We design and develop layout content for books and magazines, web environments, advertising material, multimedia presentations and corporate documents, but if you need a layout service in another medium, ask us without obligation.

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