Economic and financial translation has translators who specialize in both economic and financial translations. Having translators who specialize in financial and economic translation is a great challenge and a huge advantage. It is also a guarantee for the customer, both from the point of view of quality and of the deadline, which is a key factor in the sector, since many texts have to be translated on the same day and within the opening hours of the stock markets.

This type of translation can be called “economic translation”, “financial translation”, or even “economic-financial translation” or “socio-economic translation”. It is important to know the terminology used at the time of receiving a request from a customer in this sector. 

Economic-financial translation -

Economic translation is defined as the translation of texts related to the economy in the strictest sense of the word and other subfields of specialization from which it is difficult to dissociate oneself, due to the important relationship of the economy with different areas involved in the field. Economic translation has an informative function and makes the exchange of relevant information possible. This economic category seeks to transmit information in a totally objective manner and without the express intention of persuading the reader. 

The academic subject of economic translation

Economic terms are complex in themselves, so the translator must be familiar with them in both the source and target languages. In this sense, economic translation can be considered an academic subject. We often come across terminology that originates from French or English.

A financial translation is usually done on documents that deal with the main elements of financial systems such as: markets, instruments and intermediaries; articles and news on the financial crisis, investment or financing funds, etc.
Most financial texts seek to convey information on certain economic aspects and, on the other hand, are usually argumentative and aim to convince or persuade their recipients. 

Financial documents

Financial documents contain expressions, colloquial words and terms of a metaphorical nature that seek to respond to new realities. This poses an added complexity to the translation of this type of text, but despite this complexity or difficulty, our translators have sufficient experience and knowledge to ensure a fluent and accurate translation. Below are some of the documents that would require translation for the economic-financial sector:

  • Translation of annual accounts and earnings
  • Translation of trading platforms
  • Translation of audit reports
  • Translation of financial reports
  • Translation of accounting documents
  • Translation of social responsibility reports
  • Translation of stock market documents
  • Translation of publications and financial news
  • Translation of asset reports
  • Translation of insurance policies

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