English for banking and finance

Learning English is not only a requirement for working in multinational sectors such as banking, but can also put you at an advantage over other candidates who are applying for a new position or for a possible promotion.

English related to the banking and financial world can be very useful, whether you want to work professionally in these areas abroad or to negotiate with international clients.

Learn English for banking and find more work opportunities

If you want to take advantage of an opportunity to work in a branch office of a company in the English-speaking countries or want to work as an expert negotiator in finance or international trade, this is your chance to learn English for banking and finance. Knowledge of English specialized in banking and finance can be key for you to achieve your goal.

Although there are specific qualifications and requirements for positions in the banking or finance sector, the requirements for smaller administrative positions are a little more general. A career in banking can begin with a university degree along with a level of English that has a broad vocabulary of banking terms.

English for banking and finance

An intuitive and natural way to learn English for banking and finance

With fasttxt.es you can learn English in a flexible, creative and enjoyable way, as the teaching method simulates the process through which the brain learns a language, in an intuitive and natural way.

A career in banking offers good prospects for those with an aptitude for finance and business. Administrative and managerial positions are, in most cases, very well paid. 

Working in financial institutions does not just mean sitting around battling with customers; banks now offer a wide and diverse range of products and services. Banks will employ professionals with degrees in a variety of disciplines such as accounting, finance, economics, or law. 

In today’s world, economic and financial operations determine everything at a global level, and are constantly present in our daily lives. The economy is one of the essential functions, if not the most essential of all, due to the current conditions, so it is essential to know this lexicon.

How does this work?

  1. Evaluate your level and that of your colleagues in the event that you are interested in language classes for groups in companies.
  2. We are flexible: you can choose classes online or in person at your office.
  3. Choose the most suitable native speaker for your current needs and guide you at all times.
  4. Theory+Practice.txt. We will evaluate the situation you are in and provide you with knowledge based on readings, videos and text analysis in order to move on to the more enjoyable part, the practicing.
  5. Follow-up. You will be able to continue using our native speaking professional for as long as you need, from now on they become your Partner.txt

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