Fashion moves the world around

The work of a translator in the fashion sector is highly relevant, since this industry moves billions of euros around the world. Spain and its commercial sector are well aware of this trend. Therefore, both designers and establishments specializing in this activity need the work of a specialized translator to successfully promote their clothing and designs.

The trend of globalization in trade and purchasing is attracting customers from all over the world. Due to this boom, designers and managers of international fashion firms see translation as an essential tool to make their products known, but at the same time they realize that it is a very important tool to promote their designs and consolidate their sales in the short and long term.

When we talk about translation in the fashion sector, we are referring to the need for this industry to communicate successfully worldwide. Often, people in the fashion industry have to rely on a translation and interpreting service in order to communicate with other colleagues, customers or suppliers around the world. From there, the opportunity to have an e-commerce (or online store) is created in order to be able to communicate efficiently and sell in a more direct, easy and effective way, and what better way to do this than translating your website and reaching some unexpected places? All this work is thanks to the translators who specialize in the fashion sector and also the marketing team that prepares and generates all the documentation for future post-sales purposes. This is another very important part of the fashion business, where we can also help in everything necessary to position our customers at the forefront of the international market.

Fashion translation: distinctive features, extremely specialized

FASHION TRANSLATION Collection catalogues, garment labels, product descriptions - the content of these companies is challenging. Not only are we talking about attracting the consumer, but the product descriptions have to be accurate. As you can imagine, fashion translation is done in many areas, some of the most important being labeling or product descriptions on a “technical” level. It may seem a rather complex sector, but nothing could be further from the truth: fashion translation has some very distinctive features, with an extremely specialized vocabulary, although the texts are usually short and interesting.

In the fashion sector, as is well known, internationalization is the order of the day. Whether in English or French, the contents contain many terms relating to designs, cuts, colors, fabrics or shapes. A clear example of this is the color nude or expressions such as must have, although many people do not quite understand what these borrowed words mean! In a globalized world and, above all, in the fashion sector, changes are numerous and very rapid, so sometimes foreign terminology is adopted in the absence of words to say it in one’s own language.

Adopted foreign terminology

Deciding when to use English or French and when it is best to translate the terms is something that only a native speaker and fashion specialist will know. Below are some of the documents that would require translation for the fashion sector:

  • Translation of garment labels
  • Translation of web pages and apps
  • Translation of social media
  • Translation of collection brochures
  • Translation of press releases
  • Translation of articles in specialized magazines
  • Translation of a fashion blog
  • Translation of product description

And much more… For more information about our services, please, contact us.

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