Italian for lawyers

With our Italian for lawyers course you will have access to the best resources, audio-visual materials designed by experts and glossaries for practical and real-life learning. Specializing is easy, you can do it anywhere, anytime, without having to relinquish your other responsibilities

There is a lot of confusion between speaking Italian and speaking specialist Italian. It is not the same to have lived together in an Italian-speaking country for years and to have a good command of the language and to be able to hold a daily conversation as it is to be involved in the various branches of law, to specialize and to be able to use legal Italian to conduct negotiations. 

Italian for lawyers

Native speaking Italian lawyers

Legal Italian is a language used by legal professionals in their day-to-day work, which is especially relevant when it comes to writing and legal drafting of documents. Therefore, we have to give it the importance it deserves and having native speaking professionals specialized in law is a great opportunity for any professional in the field.

It is essential to know perfectly the vocabulary and expressions of your professional field. In the case of disciplines such as law, the necessary knowledge of Italian can be quite specific and advanced, which is where we can help you with our Italian courses. Whether you want to work as a lawyer independently or be part of an international law firm, you will need to demonstrate your competence in the field of law, and a good command of Italian will also be very helpful.

Job prospects with Italian for lawyers

In this way you will be able to improve your job prospects and stand out from your competitors. If you are interested in learning Italian as a lawyer in order to be able to practice your profession internationally, you need to prepare yourself with the best. Your profession is a demanding one, so a high level of understanding and communication is essential for success.

Our teachers are specialists in teaching Italian and also have extensive knowledge of legal Italian. The content is largely based on the actual legal environment. 

How does this work?

  1. Evaluate your level and that of your colleagues in the event that you are interested in language classes for groups of people in companies.
  2. We are adaptable: you can choose to take the classes online or in your office.
  3. Then, we will select the most suitable native speaker for your current needs and guide you at all times.
  4. Theory+Practice.txt. We will evaluate the situation you are in and provide you with the necessary skills through readings, videos and analyses to be able to move on to the more enjoyable part, the practice.
  5. Follow-up. You will be able to continue using our native speaking professional for as many times as you need – from now on they become your Partner.txt

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