Journalism translation: editing on paper or digital format

Journalistic translation can be carried out in different information sources such as newspapers, magazines and specialized publications, either in paper or digital format. It requires a complete understanding and knowledge of the linguistic styles of each editorial and as such the translation must maintain that style.

Today the information landscape is increasingly globalized. The current technologies allow each individual to consult information sources almost from anywhere in the world and in situ. This provides the possibility of seeing such information in different languages, which generates a unique opportunity for journalism companies to potentially increase their audience.

JOURNALISM TRANSLATION Articles, editorials, reviews, advertisements, announcements - factor that must also be taken into account with regard to journalistic translation is that each genre of information is governed by its own codes, and our experts in journalistic translation know this; there is not, for example, the same freedom of translation in a publishing house as in the translation of a news item. A good journalistic translator must be able to understand the information that comes into their hands and this requires intercultural training. 

Linguistic amplification

They also need to master other techniques such as linguistic amplification (making it easier for the reader to understand the news by explaining and updating it), and, finally, a great capacity for synthesis. We believe that it is essential not only to understand the article itself, but also to take into account the editor’s requirements. All our journalistic translations have this as a priority and this will be evident in the translation of your article.

Linguistic and cultural context

In addition, at our specialized translators in journalistic translation will treat your texts with great care so that they work in the linguistic and cultural context to which they are adapted, and will work with documentary sources throughout the process of the journalistic translation of your text.

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