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Medicine is one of the fields that has the greatest need for professional translations. The rapid evolution in the field of medicine and the enormous amount of information that this generates makes medical translation one of the most sought-after specialties and, also one of the most challenging. Medical subjects are often so sensitive and are constantly changing that they require the work of experts in the field. That is why it is essential to have skilled specialists in medicine.

Medical professionals are usually well prepared for the responsibilities of their work, but they do not always have a knowledge of languages. Therefore, it is essential to have a linguistic companion and this is where can advise you.
MEDICAL TRANSLATION Health pamphlets, clinical case reports, clinical trials, biomedical patents, medical-legal texts - translators in charge of this type of text have extensive experience in the field of medicine and also rely on the use of glossaries to maintain the cohesion and correctness of these terms within your specialty (neurology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, etc.)

Multiple medical and surgical disciplines

Our network of translators allows us to provide quality services in multiple medical and surgical disciplines, clinical diagnostics, health statistics, veterinary medicine and the medical industry as a whole, etc.

The contents to be translated are usually highly important, so their translation requires the professional to be really meticulous in their work, sticking to the meaning firmly because otherwise it could lead to mistakes. If we compare medical translation with any other specialty, this type of text is so unique that it cannot be separated from the original.

Below are some of the documents that would require translation for the medical sector:

  • Translation of clinical protocols
  • Translation of second medical opinions
  • Translation of hospital records and reports
  • Translation of technical articles.
  • Translation of medical prescriptions
  • Translation of grant applications and licenses
  • Translation of clinical trials
  • Translation of regulations and legislation
  • Translation of indemnity documents
  • Translation of toxicology reports
  • Translation of blogs

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