A high degree of specialization

Pharmacy is one of the most significant branches of science in the history of mankind and requires a high degree of specialization, since many branches of health depend on the pharmaceutical area. As far as translation is concerned, we must be particularly careful with this type of text, such as pharmaceutical prescriptions, which will reach consumers and be ingested. For this reason, at we have the best professionals specialized in the pharmaceutical area.

The pharmaceutical sector uses a very specialized language, besides being directly interconnected with all the following branches: legal, administrative, computer science, etc. For this reason, in order to provide a correct translation, we not only need a translator, but the translator must also be specialized in the sector and must know all the specific terms in the language they are going to use in their work.

PHARMACEUTICAL Medicinal prospects, drug advertisements, posters, food labelling -

This sector is constantly being updated by the different government authorities, both in concept and language, which requires a very sophisticated approach to the subject matter and extensive research on the part of the translator. We are witnessing this with the present time that we are experiencing in the globalized world.

Specific expertise has a large team of professional native speaking translators with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to being translators, they have specific expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, thus achieving the best possible quality in translation projects.

Our specialized pharmaceutical translators have university degrees in chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, etc. We can offer you a translation into any language with high quality and professionalism. Below are some of the types of documents that would require translation for the pharmaceutical sector:

  • Translation of pharmaceutical research
  • Translation of medical certificates (analyses, medical tests, medical examinations, etc.)
  • Translation of pharmacological studies
  • Translation of technical data sheets
  • Translation of manuals for chemical products
  • Translation of publicity materials for pharmaceutical products
  • Translation of product features
  • Translation of specialized articles in scientific journals
  • Translation of material safety data sheets
  • Translation of brochures
  • Translation of blogs

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