Simultaneous interpretation services

Nowadays, simultaneous interpretation is one of the most widespread modalities, given its degree of immediacy and since it is performed parallel to the speaker’s speech with a time lag of two or three seconds. It consists of the interpretation of the speech in real time. This means a great saving of time compared to other types of interpretation, which you can compare with the other interpretations. 

For this type of interpretation, interpreters usually work individually or in pairs, depending on the length of the event. The maximum time of interpretation performed by a professional interpreter should not be more than thirty or forty minutes because otherwise exhaustion and tiredness will take hold and it becomes difficult to continue without making mistakes. In these circumstances where events last a long time, it is best to hire two professional interpreters so that they can alternate interpreting. 

Individual or team interpretation services 

On the other hand, it is necessary to have soundproof booths, microphone and headphones. It is important for the interpreters to have very good sound quality as they have to identify perfectly what the speaker is saying, and ideally the booths should be located in a place that allows the interpreters to have a visual space in which they can clearly see the room and even the speakers themselves as gestures are also essential in our way of expressing ourselves. As far as the audience is concerned, it is essential to have a system that allows the interpretation to be heard without any interference. For this purpose, and in this type of event, the audience has headphones and a control that allows them to select the language they want to hear. 

Professional interpretation services for events

This type of interpreting is usually used at congresses, summits, seminars, meetings, shareholders’ meetings, media events, conferences, press conferences, etc. The interpreters who use this type of interpreting must have a high capacity for short-term memorization and know how to properly manage the time lag between the speaker’s speech and the simultaneous interpreting for correct understanding by the audience. 

At we place great emphasis on the importance of the documentation provided by the client for the success of a good interpretation. The more prepared the interpreter is, the better the interpretation will be. If the speaker is going to make a presentation or mention a specific item, it is good to provide this information to the interpreter. Therefore, at we provide you with specialist interpreters with extensive experience, extraordinary levels of concentration and language skills to ensure the success and integrity of your event.

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