Localization of software and web pages

The localization, or translation of software and web pages, is a great help for software, apps or video game developers, since this process allows them to adapt their products or services to the local characteristics of each specific market. 

Localization must go through translation, but is not limited to it, since a good professional translator must not only transfer the linguistic content of a text, but also adapt it to create a product or service tailored to a different setting with the aim of promoting it in a new market. In other words, the software translator is in charge of moving a text from one language to another, taking into account the culture of the target market. In addition to using the specific vocabulary of each brand, they must also bear in mind cultural, functional and technical aspects. Thanks to this process, the end consumer will have a product with which they will feel very comfortable from the start. Without a doubt, this is a very cost-effective process for our customers.

TRANSLATION OF SOFTWARE Websites, social network publications, blogs -

Detecting, identifying and resolving the most common confusions in translation

That is why it is important to have a company experienced in the translation and software localization industry that is capable of detecting, identifying and resolving the most common confusions in this translation sector, whether at a linguistic or programming level. In our case, we not only translate your website, but we also create and design your website to your liking, upload the translations and position the website to be ranked at the top in the search engines.

One of the most common errors that can be found are pieces of text cut in the interface, the result of programming with a character limit that has been exceeded in the translation. Other examples are coding problems that prevent you from writing with a tilde, non-cohesive terminology, fragments where machine translation has been applied without post-editing, untranslated pieces of text, traces of the original language or overlapping keyboard commands. This will not happen with because thanks to our team of designers and our digital marketing team we have the experience to make your website one of the most visited. 

The software interface, the instructions, the advertising and even the packaging

The software interface, the instructions, the advertising and even the packaging it is wrapped in, if any, are part of what will have to be translated and localized. It is the task of the companies, agencies and all the people involved to provide a competent translation and localization service that avoids including these problems in the final product so that the user has a satisfactory experience. Below are some of the documents that would require translation in this sector:

  • Translation for multi-platform apps
  • Translation of video games
  • Translation of e-learning courses and distance learning
  • Translation of intranets and extranets
  • Translation for e-commerce
  • Translation of CRM and ERP
  • Translation of computer programs

And much more… For more information about our services, please, contact us.

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