Learn Spanish for medics

To be able to use Spanish professionally as a medical practitioner, it is essential to have a good command of the specialist vocabulary. Another particular theme of Spanish for doctors is the abbreviations, which are very common in this profession, and the jargon used in everyday hospital life, which may be incomprehensible to a beginner.

Imagine for a moment that you can deal confidently with your international patients in Spanish, knowing exactly what to say, understanding their problems and being able to attend to them with the desired effectiveness. You will no longer have to go through embarrassing moments and will gradually gain confidence and stop being overwhelmed when you have to provide healthcare in Spanish. This is a very delicate subject, especially in this specialty, where a poor translation or interpretation can endanger a patient’s health.

Spanish for medics

Spanish for medics, interns or nurses

Our course is aimed at professionals or students of medicine or nursing who want to develop their career abroad, improve their Spanish in order to understand the latest medical publications in Spanish, or work in a multinational environment where the common language is Spanish.

The course covers medical terminology, specialized vocabulary practice and a review of grammatical structures. Students will also learn how to communicate with patients and other international physicians, how to speak at seminars and conventions, and how to read and write medical technical documents. 

Doctors who know Spanish can easily keep up to date with developments in their field, as many scientific articles are published in this language. Knowing Spanish gives access to all kinds of specialized training resources, both online and in person. Being able to give presentations in Arabic makes it possible to participate in international conferences and therefore facilitates professional exposure. And, of course, mastering this language is essential for working abroad, either permanently or through stays in hospitals around the world.

How does this work?

  1. We evaluate your level and that of your colleagues in the event that you are interested in language classes for groups of people in companies.
  2. We are adaptable: you can choose to take the classes online or in your office.
  3. We will select the most suitable native speaker for your current needs and guide you at all times.
  4. Theory+Practice.txt. We will evaluate the situation you are in and provide you with the necessary skills through readings, videos and analyses to be able to move on to the more enjoyable part, the practice.
  5. Follow-up. You will be able to continue using our native speaking professional for as many times as you need – from now on they become your Partner.txt

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