Sports translation teams has specialized translators in the sports sector, who guarantee a correct translation according to the technical characteristics of the discipline, the support and the public to which the text is addressed. The sports translation teams at work with glossaries and terminology databases for the correct application of vocabulary according to the type of sport, and keep a record for each client to maintain terminological consistency in all projects carried out for each client. Sports translation is one of the most important sectors in terms of specialized translation. 

However, it should be kept in mind that sports translation is a field that requires a high level of specialization, including as many requirements as other categories to which translation is traditionally associated. Such training is necessary from the point of view of the terminology applied to this work, as well as the glossaries that differentiates the sports disciplines.

Each sports specialty has its own jargon, a vocabulary that the consumer public demands and that the sports translator must speak, understand and, very importantly, know how to translate with passion, precision and efficiency from one language to another.

SPORTS TRANSLATION Any document related to sports, promotions for sports supplements, sports nutrition -

Sports financial scope

Moreover, the economic activity generated by sport is as competitive as the sport itself. The number of international spectators and consumers of sport-related products is high, and all these companies and professionals need their customers to stay alive in the market by providing them with added value and speaking the same language as their customers. 

That is why, in order to achieve a thorough and accurate sports translation that meets the expectations and needs of customers, it is important to have the services of specialized translators who are able to adapt sports messages to different media, such as websites or daily and periodical publications. In turn, they must also be able to cover with quality the various sports events that are generated around sports translation.

Sports events

As we know, football and basketball are the sports that attract the most interest from spectators. However, there are several other areas that require professional translators to meet your translation needs.

In Spain, for example, there are also other sports such as tennis, cycling, Formula 1 and motorcycling. However, there are certain sporting events, such as world or European championships, which take place within our borders and for which the work of a specialist translator is required and these range from water sports to competitions in which different types of sports are involved.

Different coverage needs

Similarly, it should also be borne in mind that sports translation involves the different coverage needs of these events, which vary according to the sport from which the translation is to be developed. Below are some of the types of documents that would require translation in the sports sector:

  • Translation of press releases
  • Translation of press kits
  • Translation of dossiers
  • Translation of magazines
  • Translation of periodicals
  • Translation of sports facilities
  • Translation of team and athlete profiles
  • Translation of advertising brochures and catalogs
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of programs for sports events

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