Spanish dialects in Spain

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Have you ever stopped to think about the different ways in which Spanish is spoken in Spain? Surely you have, since it is something that usually catches our attention at the very moment we start a conversation. But, can we identify the dialects of Spanish any way? Let’s make a brief classification. Spain’s dialectal areas …

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Synchrony and diachrony. Theories of linguistic change

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In linguistics, there are two different (although complementary) points of view that we can take as a reference when analyzing the elements of language: the synchronic and the diachronic. Synchrony defines the study of language at a given moment, without including the time factor, while diachrony corresponds to the study of linguistic facts through time, …

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Islamic Banking

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One of the most outstanding aspects of the contemporary Islamic world is its particular conception of banking, considered by many in the West as a true utopia. Certainly, it may be somewhat implausible —from our Western perspective— to conceive of the development of a financial activity without considering one of its essential elements: interest. Although …

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