Content creation: the importance of blogging

Companies, whether large or small, new or old, as well as individuals working for others, tend to seek a common goal in the professional world: growth; and to achieve this goal, any company or individual needs to reach as many people as possible, which means that, in one way or another, they will have to promote themselves. In this sense, the creation of content is of essential importance in the promotion process, and here we will show you why.

In a globalized and interconnected world, an effective way to grow faster is through content, and this premise has been fully entrenched after the pandemic, when many companies saw in the creation of online content a fundamental strategic plan to stay afloat. If we provide valuable and accessible information about our business, we will reach a greater number of potential customers; on the other hand, if we are not able to respond to the needs of the market, someone else will do it for us.

In short, investing in personalized and quality content is crucial in the process of promoting our company, as it allows us to reach new audiences, build trust and grow our clientele over time.

Content creation through blogs

A blog is a website created to periodically publish and share with other users a series of articles, also called entries or posts. Its success lies mainly in the fact that it allows you to publish information quickly and easily, thanks in large part to content management platforms for the creation of blogs.

Generally, visiting readers are also allowed to contribute their comments, which can be very enriching for the person or company that publishes. The blog is, therefore, a powerful communication tool that favors, among other things, the promotion of a good or service, the generation of knowledge and the exchange of ideas.

In this regard, the concept of ‘blogosphere’ has been established, a term that encompasses all blogs on the Internet. Since blogs appear interconnected through links, a culture of their own, the blog culture, has been created and preserved. Thanks to the blogosphere, communities of blogs are established that are categorized thematically or by profiles of interest, which facilitates access to information.

Blog characteristics

What differentiates the blog from other types of web sites is basically the nature of its publications. Here are some of the essential elements that a blog must have:

  • Regular publication. For the blog to be useful, it is important to be constant in our activity. From time-to-time new articles must be published that, sequentially, displace the previous one and become the current article.
  • Dynamic content. It is very important that the information we provide in the blog is updated, so we must be aware of the news related to our field of interaction.
  • Functional and accessible format. The information must be arranged in such a way that it is easy to read: appropriate typography, classification of the articles by categories or labels, fixing the content that we want to highlight, etc.
  • Personal touch. It is worth bearing in mind that the blog is a much more personalized website than other media. Therefore, we must try to highlight our identity sign, so that our company is more easily identifiable.
  • Sender-receiver communication channel. The blog should be conceived as a place of interaction, offering the possibility of conversing through comments.

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging

Blogging is the activity of periodically publishing professional, personal or entertainment content on a web page or website.

Among the advantages of this activity, we can highlight the following:

  • The opportunity to access new markets thanks to the creation of interaction networks, through which a company can publish on another company’s blog.
  • The possibility of generating additional revenue indirectly (e.g. through publicity).
  • Achieve a good positioning of the blog within the search engines. This allows that, when a user types a word in the search engine (be it Google, Firefox, Safari, etc.), your company’s website will appear in the first results. For this, there are a series of optimization strategies and techniques that make a web page appear organically in Internet search engines. (SEO, Search Engine Optimization).
  • The possibility of strengthening ties with your audience thanks to the creation of valuable content, positioning yourself positively in the clients’ minds.


On the other hand, it is also worth noting some of the disadvantages of blogging:

  • Damage to your company’s reputation if you do not generate content based on proper market research. It can also be very harmful not to verify the information provided or to provide inaccurate data (hence the importance of prior research).
  • It requires a high investment in time. For a blogging strategy to be effective, posts must contain at least 800 words. This is why many companies have specific staff for content creation.
  • It is necessary to have knowledge of SMS to develop an effective strategy. Otherwise, our content will not go as far as we want it to.
  • It is a means of long-term generation. To begin to see results, it must be published regularly. In this sense, constancy is presented as a fundamental virtue for blogging.


In view of this, we can conclude by highlighting the importance of the blog in the heart of all professional activity related to content creation. A good blog can be the starting point for the promotion of our products or services, and, consequently, the growth of our company or business.

At our agency, FAST.txt, we are firmly committed to creating quality content aimed at students and professionals from the world of translation (though not exclusively). In this sense, we work through various thematic proposals, which are renewed over time depending on the reception they have among the visiting public. If you wish to consult any of our posts, take a look at our website.


Carlos Sánchez Luis