Synchrony and diachrony. Theories of linguistic change

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In linguistics, there are two different (although complementary) points of view that we can take as a reference when analyzing the elements of language: the synchronic and the diachronic. Synchrony defines the study of language at a given moment, without including the time factor, while diachrony corresponds to the study of linguistic facts through time, …

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Islamic Banking

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One of the most outstanding aspects of the contemporary Islamic world is its particular conception of banking, considered by many in the West as a true utopia. Certainly, it may be somewhat implausible —from our Western perspective— to conceive of the development of a financial activity without considering one of its essential elements: interest. Although …

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Latin as an Indo-European language: the languages of Italy

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As is well known, Latin, the language of the Roman civilization, belongs to the Indo-European language family, whose origin dates back some 4,000 years. Archaeology has placed the origin of the first Indo-European communities in the area encompassing the steppes of southern Ukraine, north of the Caucasus. From this nerve center, the Indo-European language would …

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