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Architecture is a field that encompasses a wide range of disciplines and knowledge, from territorial and urban planning to chemical processes related to the treatment of construction materials, as well as architectural theory and all those issues related to the historical and artistic heritage. This heterogeneity is reflected in the texts, giving rise to a wide variety of typologies and functions, the translation of which requires specialized professionals in each specific field. Therefore, when we talk about translating architecture, perhaps this variety of approaches is the distinctive note within the discipline. 

Architecture is also a very precise field that requires the translator to have a precise knowledge of the technical vocabulary used. Therefore, not just any translator is qualified to perform this work, as they must be experts in two specific areas: on the one hand, they must be proficient in both the source and target languages, and on the other hand, they must be well versed in the terminology used in the field of architecture.

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Documentary typology in architecture

In the construction field, the most representative architectural document is the project, which comprises the set of plans, diagrams, drawings and explanatory texts used in the design of a building before it is constructed. In contrast to this, we can highlight another very different area within the written production on architecture, and that is related to architectural theory and critique, which includes academic publications in which architectural and urban aspects are mentioned. Both types include technical aspects of architecture, but while the former is eminently practical in nature, the latter includes a more theoretical type of documentation.

On the other hand, in the architecture sector we also find legal documents, among which are, for example, building permits, which is the permission required by the administration when undertaking any type of construction. These documents present a dual difficulty, since, in addition to using the technical terminology characteristic of architecture, they reflect the formalisms of legal language.

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It is also worth mentioning all those writings that use descriptions of an architectural construction for tourism or commercial purposes. These are quite different in nature, since the register used is strongly influenced by the communicative intention of the message, which is none other than to sell a product on the market. In this context, the translator must keep in mind the concept of acceptability, that is to say, adapting the translated message for the general public.

Architectural and real estate translation

In today’s globalized world, where there is a continuous expansion of international business, more and more companies in the housing sector are choosing to outsource translation services, as they are in need of architectural experts who can prepare documents in various languages. One of the languages most in demand when translating information related to architecture is English, the international language par excellence; however, many translators have begun to specialize in other languages of emerging economies, such as those of Asian countries.

Within the field of architecture, one of the sectors that is currently attracting most interest is translation related to real estate. There are many advantages of this activity for translators, including the fact that the translation professional can be involved in most stages of the production process, from working with drawings and assembly instructions to participating in the marketing campaign, collaborating on websites and advertising brochures. Another of the main advantages of real estate translation is its high remuneration, since the construction market usually involves very large projects that entail significant cash outlays in a single venture.

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In view of this, we can conclude that the demand for translators specialized in architecture is very high, not only in our country, but globally. All industries involved in the broad spectrum of architecture require highly qualified technical translation, and only a specialized translation company can guarantee the expected quality standards. At FAST.txt we have the best translators specialized in more than 50 languages, both in the architectural and real estate sector. If you need to hire a translation service for a specific field in the field of architecture, do not hesitate to contact us: you can rely on FAST.txt.

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