Translation for the logistics sector

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Logistics encompasses all the means and methods necessary to carry out the organization of a company or service, especially with regard to distribution. It therefore encompasses all the operations required to get a product into the hands of the consumer, including, among other things, order processing, materials handling and packaging, transportation of goods, storage and … Leer más

Gastronomic translation as a specialized branch

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When we talk about gastronomy, we do not limit ourselves only to the set of food or typical dishes of the area, but it is a much broader concept that encompasses, among other things, food customs, traditions, processes, people and lifestyles that are defined around it. In this sense, we have been able to observe … Leer más

Translation of annual accounts - translation

The growing demand for professional translation services as part of the numerous economic exchanges that take place between companies has led to the current boom in “financial translation” as a specialty in translation studies. In this respect, the so-called annual accounts are a paradigmatic example within the field of financial translation, and that is why … Leer más