Translation & Architecture

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Architecture is a field that encompasses a wide range of disciplines and knowledge, from territorial and urban planning to chemical processes related to the treatment of construction materials, as well as architectural theory and all those issues related to the historical and artistic heritage. This heterogeneity is reflected in the texts, giving rise to a …

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The Technical Translation

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In general terms, technical translation can be defined as a specific branch of translation that covers all documents related to the field of technology. Given this definition, it is possible to include a multitude of texts of different types in the ‘disaster box’ of technical translation: IT, electronics, telecommunications, renewable energies, biotechnology, materials, automation, etc. …

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The complexity of literary translation - translation

Reflecting on the complexity of literary translation raises, in principle, two questions about its peculiarities. On the one hand, why is it considered so complex and, in some cases, reserved for literary specialists? Well, literary translation cannot be based on theoretical parameters or universal guidelines applicable to other branches of translation, since the inherent heterogeneity …

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