Advertising translation

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Today, the close relationship between translation and advertising is evident, which has led to a certain consensus on considering advertising translation as its own specialty. In this regard, it is striking how both advertising and its language have aroused considerable interest among many specialists in the field of translation, both because of the challenging nature … Leer más

Journalistic translation

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It is not surprising that, despite the enormous translation activity generated by the written press, this has not been accompanied by a parallel research movement in the field of translatology. In this sense, very few theoretical approaches have been made to journalistic translation, and equally scarce is the interest that journalism has been paying to … Leer más

Translation of banking documents

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When we talk about translation in the world of banking, financial translation automatically comes to mind, since in many cases financial texts are issued by banking institutions. However, some specialists in this field have highlighted the fact that there is no single type of financial translation, but that it can be subdivided into multiple groups … Leer más