Why did fasttxt.es come into being?

The origin of fasttxt

fasttxt was born as a concept of several specialized translators who see a never-ending demand for documentation to be translated. Not only do we want to respond to globalization, of which we are all part, as essential transmitters from one language to another, from one culture to another, from one idea to another, etc. but we want to provide support to all those companies that want to take the step towards internationalization. Why? Because the true development and growth of any company comes with internationalization, which means opening up to new markets, and that is where translators and interpreters come into play.

Our profession has received and continues to receive many caveats, among them, «translators live in a cocoon», «the cave of the translator» and even the famous proverb in Italian, “traduttore, traditore” (translator, traitor). This saying means that our work is an «unfaithfulness», since it is considered impossible to carry out a word-for-word translation. Our goal is rather to translate the essence of the document, what the author wants to convey in each text. If that means we are traitors, let everyone be the judge. Literality versus meaning?

Translators and interpreters

Our company is made up of translators and interpreters, each with a clear specialization. Therefore, they are specialists in this field and only receive commissions and projects related to their specialty. We also have different interpreters spread throughout Spain that can meet all the linguistic needs that may arise. Our interpreters are bilingual in order to be able to handle interpretations in both directions. Finally, the sworn translators-interpreters are appointed by the MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), who validate all documents with their signature and stamp.

Our specialties are very broad, but it is also true that we only take on projects that we believe we can handle. That is to say, we do not undertake any work where we have doubts or which we are not sure about. So far we have undertaken the following categories of translation: legal, sworn, tourism, cosmetics and fashion, pharmaceutical, medical, audiovisual, literary and philosophical, journalistic, scientific-technical, economic-financial, gastronomic, translation and localization software and, finally, sports translation.

Regarding the languages with which we work, we can perform translations and interpretations in more than fifty languages. It is true that today, what are most required are translations from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English, as well as from French to Spanish and vice versa. However, little by little, translations in Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Urdu, etc. are gaining traction. This means that we have to adapt to the needs of the client and try to solve their needs at that moment, always taking into account the capacities and specializations of our translators and/or interpreters, as the case may be.

How does fasttxt work?

How does fasttxt work? With quality, but also speed! As we all know in the field of translation, customers need everything «yesterday». Have you heard this expression? Well, it is absolutely true.

In the first place, the client that is interested in having a document translated or requires interpretation contacts us either by telephone or by e-mail. Generally speaking, when it comes to translation, they usually attach the document to be translated. We then study and analyze the document, that is, we look at the number of words, we look at the specialty of the text, what terminology it uses, who has written the text, to whom the text is addressed and, finally, what does the company or the sender want to achieve with that text, what are they looking for?

Words create world by fasttxt.es/en

Your words are our world

Once we have all this clear, we send a budget to the client. If the client approves the budget, we get down to work and translate the document. Once the document is translated, we move on to its revision. The revision is done by a reviewer specialized in that field and who has not been involved in the translation, since you need to look objectively at the accuracy and quality of the translation made by the translator. Once the review has been done, it can be said that the text has passed the quality test. So, we send it to the client. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, which, to this day, we strictly observe, and this has led all our clients to contact us for a second assignment. The motto we use with our clients is «Your words are our world«.

We believe that it is essential, in addition to translating and interpreting, which is what we do and what we do with 100% reassurance, to engage TeI (Translation and Interpretation) students in our projects. Why? We are a translation and interpreting agency, but our goal is to bring the reality of translation, every day, to the university students and postgrad students confronting the freelance world.

If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far go together

So, we invite you to follow us, read about us and be aware of all the activities and posts that we are going to publish. You know the famous phrase «If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far go together». We want you to be voyagers in this adventure and participate in all our endeavors.

Our blog is inaugurated!

Cristina Śliwa

Founder and CEO of fasttxt.es

Legal and economic translator EN/FR>ES