Translation of banking documents

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When we talk about translation in the world of banking, financial translation automatically comes to mind, since in many cases financial texts are issued by banking institutions. However, some specialists in this field have highlighted the fact that there is no single type of financial translation, but that it can be subdivided into multiple groups … Leer más

The House of Wisdom

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In many cases, when we address issues related to the history of translation, we tend to focus exclusively on the Western cultural legacy, which is what we consider to be our heritage. However, it is sometimes useful to broaden our outlook and look at other realities that, a priori, may seem more distant, as in … Leer más

Pharmaceutical translation

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In the globalized world in which we live, translation plays a fundamental role in the transmission of scientific knowledge and, specifically, in the advances made in the fields of medicine and pharmacy. For this reason, medical-pharmaceutical translation has become a specialized branch of knowledge in recent years, offering multiple professional opportunities, which has led to … Leer más