Words of Peace

Language is what everyone wants it to be

For some time now, stories we used to tell seem to have taken on a less clear-cut nature. Our everyday language has been filled with words that were once foreign to us, and, yet, now they have come to accompany us as we have breakfast, lunch and dinner, as we ride the bus home or do the laundry, bringing us a sense of unease. Language is what everyone wants it to be. It can hurt us, but it can also reach out to us. And we would like to keep this.

Language is our companion, our friend

For translators, language is our companion, our friend, our working tool. With it, we facilitate communication and understanding between people, we can help them to understand each other. As long as it’s within our control, we will do everything in our power to make it easier for both Russians and Ukrainians. We want our languages to be a vehicle and a way out. We do not want anyone to be left behind.

Professional Russian and Ukrainian translators

Now more than ever, it’s necessary for people to be united and to collaborate together with all that they possess. We have words, texts, structures, grammatical, lexical, pragmatic, discursive and sociolinguistic and sociocultural knowledge. We have professional Russian and Ukrainian translators in our team, who are fluent in these aspects and who know the complexity of the events we are witnessing, as well as the circumstances of people who have had to communicate in another language overnight.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help in anything related to the translation of texts in Ukrainian and Russian. We want to send all our love and support to these people and remind them that our hand is always outstretched.

Let no fissure to be filled!

Words create world by fasttxt.es/en

Written by: Lucía Blázquez García