The importance of translation in social media

It goes without saying that the language of social media has transformed the way we express ourselves. Never before has written language been so close to spoken language, and never before has it been so easy for anyone to write for a wide audience. If we add to this the revealing fact that one out of every two Spanish companies is present on social networks, and if your business also trades abroad, then there is no doubt: you must translate and adapt the contents of your social networks according to each country. A bad translation on social networks can seriously damage the image of your brand.

The secret of social media with value: writing and translating high-quality content

Users make use of these social platforms as sources of information to get inspiration and learn all kinds of things. Companies, on the other hand, seek to gain visibility through them, either through advertising or by expanding their network of contacts.

The difficulty lies in the excess of content published through social networks, as it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. To do so, it is important to invest part of our corporate efforts in developing quality content.

Another aspect to highlight is that, in order to save time, money and effort, we often skip the most important thing: adapting the message to our target audience. If you want to translate content from Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social network, the ideal option is to hire a native speaking translator. It is a powerful tool to not only adapt the message to a specific language, but also to the country and culture to be reached.

The importance of translation in social media -

Factors to bear in mind when translating for social media

Each platform has its own characteristics when preparing and translating content, as well as its own obstacles. Here is a summary of some of them:

  • Adapted content. Writing a post on LinkedIn is not the same as writing one on Twitter or uploading an image to Instagram. These are different platforms aimed at different audiences. Therefore, content must be adapted to each social network, as well as its translation.
  • Adapt to the space. Some social networks only allow texts of 280 characters. Keep in mind that if the text is long, only a part of it will be previewed, so the first two sentences must have an impact so that the user continues reading.
  • You can’t wait a week to respond to a social media message or share a piece of content in a timely manner. That’s why you need to combine planning with agility, which also extends to social media translation services.
  • The key to success in social networks is that the messages should connect with the target audience and draw them closer to the brands or companies. Thus, both the content to be shared and its translation must be carefully done and natural.
  • Avoid automatic translation for social networks at all costs. Social media users are very critical and demanding of branded content. A message that is not understood, contains errors or is translated automatically can lead to criticism from users and affect the company’s reputation.

The importance of translation in social media -

Our recommendation: use your message to inspire confidence

It is crucial to bear in mind that, in the current era, we live in a constantly developing and expanding digital environment that affects companies. Therefore, they are the ones who must focus on differentiation.

One of the best ways to do this is through content disseminated on social networks. Thus, the most important thing to reinforce your identity when making the leap to other countries is to be able to connect with your audience, and that can only be achieved through knowledge of the language and culture. Work with a good native translator for your marketing and social media translations to build trust with your message. In the same way that management should be carried out by social media experts, and content creation in other languages should be delegated to professionals.

If your company has decided to boost its presence in social networks at an international level to reach a greater number of potential customers, do not hesitate to contact us. At FAST.txt we have a team of experienced native-speaking professionals, specialized in marketing and advertising, as well as in other digital fields such as SEO or website translations.

It’s not advisable to take unnecessary risks when translating social networks, so ask us and request your social network translation quote with no obligation!

Mercedes Pajuelo