The Indo-European linguistic family

The existence of a common original language for most of Europe and Asia is nowadays a practically undisputed reality. From an extemporaneous perspective, the fact that peoples sometimes very distant from each other in time and space express themselves in languages that have important similarities, similarities that cannot be explained by mere coincidences, is surprising. …

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The complexity of literary translation - translation

Reflecting on the complexity of literary translation raises, in principle, two questions about its peculiarities. On the one hand, why is it considered so complex and, in some cases, reserved for literary specialists? Well, literary translation cannot be based on theoretical parameters or universal guidelines applicable to other branches of translation, since the inherent heterogeneity …

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FITUR LANGUAGE and idiomatic tourism

What is FITUR? FITUR (acronym for “Feria Internacional del Turismo”) is an important event that takes place annually at the IFEMA fairgrounds and is an important focus of promotion for international tourism. This event, which takes place over five days, brings together in the same space both tourism professionals, who come to promote their products …

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